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Transitions In Motherhood

“Life is about transitions. Changes.  It is this experience that characterizes sharedness of the human experience.  In the midst of shifts, we grow and learn.  And more often than not we collect memorable experiences to treasure.”  H.C. Kim


We decided to make a change in our name, now Transitions in Motherhood, in order to give the message that we support women and their families through the many transitions motherhood can bring.  Pregnancy is a transition in itself for a woman and her family.  However, pregnancy could be seen as a starting point of many transitions to follow.

We hope that our new name, Transitions in Motherhood, broadens your perspective as to how we can serve you and your needs as you and your family experience transitions that call for support.

My first call for support came when my son was about 3 days old.  First of all I could not believe that I was allowed to just walk out of the hospital without any certification training to care for this new life.  I remember looking over my shoulder as I exited the hospital doors thinking someone is going to stop me and say, “Excuse me Miss you are not qualified to take that baby home.”  A Master’s Degree in any subject does not prepare you for motherhood.  Then when I got home my son cried…a lot.  What I didn’t know at the time was that my milk had not come in and my son was starving.  So as I struggled with breastfeeding I called the lactation consultant, Cindy Baylis, who had been the educator through the hospital at the time.  She saved my son from starvation.  That was a tough transition into motherhood, but it was a starting point.

Please look through our website and see if what we offer or any of our resources can be a support to you or someone you know.

Also, thank you Cindy Baylis for your support as I entered into motherhood.


Although there are many memories that are created through parenting, having witnesses/support you through it all in any form helps make the journey a shared experience.  We truly believe it is a journey that is not meant to be done alone.  Get support where it feels best for you.

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